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For both your health and finances

dhani is a free business mobile app that lets you settle any healthcare and financial needs. This app is considered a one-stop-shop for these—which are usually done on separate apps, most of the time. Thanks to this app, however, you can settle any matters for both on a single platform. It acts as an all-in-one digital wallet and medical consultation app. Take note that this app’s services are only available in India.

Is Dhani app safe?

Fully titled “dhani - Finance, Healthcare, Rewards & more,” this app offers a suite of healthcare and finance products to its customers through one easy method. Instead of having separate platforms, you can access both medical and financial services with it. Whether it’s getting a consultation with a doctor, paying bills, or shopping with your card, you can perform these by simply using the app. You can even deal with stocks and insurance plans here.

For medical services, you can actually get instant healthcare through the app. Online video consultations with medical professionals are available 24/7 and you can order medicine and have it home-delivered. For financial matters, on the other hand, the app allows you to get loans, trade stocks accounts at no charge, use discounts, and manage online payments. There’s also a special offer from this app called “One Freedom”, which gives users credit at 0% interest.

Aside from these, the app also offers games that let you both have fun and actually earn some cash. There’s a referral system that gives out cash prizes when you successfully get someone to sign up, too. Plus, this all-in-one app provides calming audio podcasts to anyone interested. However, for all of the cool features it has, the user interface here is actually difficult to navigate. Its performance suffers frequently as well.

Needs more polishing

All in all, dhani is a nice package for anyone in need of both financial and healthcare services. It’s highly convenient to use due to its vast number of features. You can even try to earn money through it. However, it’s not actually that easy to use due to its unintuitive interface and slow performance when it comes to transactions. You will have to push through it as this service is only available on mobile.


  • Offers both healthcare and financial services
  • Has 24/7 online medical consultations
  • Acts as a digital wallet
  • Lets you earn money


  • Interface isn’t user-friendly
  • Performance is slow

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